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What is VisionAI?

Empowering EHS and Security with AI-driven surveillance, transforming ordinary cameras into vigilant protectors

VisionAI Apps

Over 60 Vision Al Scenarios for building safety, hazard warnings, workplace safety & EHS.

PPE Detection

PPE Detection

Visionify's AI-powered PPE Detection acts as a proactive shield against workplace hazards. Our automated solutions ensure PPE compliance through real-time detection and instant alerts, reducing risks and injuries.

Restricted Zones

Monitor and control access to areas with potential hazards and security concerns. Our App also serves as an emergency response mechanism, promptly alerting upon violation.

Smoke & Fire

Smoke & Fire

Avoid business interruptions, loss of life and injuries with Smoke and Fire detection. Visionify's Smoke and Fire Detection is proficient in spotting early indicators of fire and smoke triggering immediate alerts for rapid response.


Occupancy Metrics

Track crucial occupancy metrics and gain real-time insights with our Vision AI monitoring. Measure and analyze key metrics such as counts, dwell time, traffic flow, density, heatmaps, trends, foot traffic, queue management, etc.

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Safety is everyone's responsibility

Vision AI empowers EHS Professionals that continuously monitors and elevates Workplace Safety.

Continuous Monitoring

Ensures 24/7 surveillance and streamline tasks for EHS professionals. Experience uninterrupted monitoring with VisionAI vigilantly overseeing every safety event in your infrastructure.

Real-time Alerts

Get real-time alerts for safety anomalies. Seamlessly direct notifications to relevant on-duty staff. Harness data-driven insights to continuously improve your safety protocols.

Proactive & Preventive

Traditional EHS approaches react post-incidents, heavily relying on audits and SOPs. While VisionAI proactively identifies potential hazards and averting accidents before they occur.

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Privacy & Security

For VisionAI, Data Security & Privacy are Paramount

Your data resides on your premises.

Your data is used only to train & customize your organization's models.

To ensure privacy, all images & videos have faces, texts, and signs obfuscated.

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What is VisionAI

VisionAI is a platform for managing workplace safety and compliance It consists of over 60 VisionAI apps that can be enabled according to your EHS needs. You can install VisionAI through pip install visionai”. You can browse different VisionAl apps of

What scenarios do you support?

VisionAl Apps are focused on workplace safety and compliance. We support over 60 scenarios for Hazard warnings, Worker health and safety, Compliance policies, Environment monitoring, Vehicle monitoring, Suspicious activity and Vehicle activity. You can browse the VisionAl apps we support and our upcoming roadmap here:

Do I need to install get new cameras to run this system?

No! You do not need any new camera, hardware or sensors to run this system. VisionAl works with your existing security camera infrastructure. We support RTSP, RTMP, HLS and other common video inputs. Current safety surveillance systems are record and playback only – VisionAl can transform them into a safety apparatus. That said, some specialized Apps do use IR cameras, ToF Cameras and loT sensors.

Do you provide trials? How does the licensing work?

We provide a trial for 3 VisionAl apps. You can try this out on self-hosted platform through VisionAl PyPi package or through Azure Marketplace Licensing information is available on our Pricing page

How can I try it out quickly?

We recommend testing this on a machine with a NVIDIA graphics card. We provide 3 VisionAl apps for free trial. You can test out using these commands:

1. pip install visional
2. visionai web

And then browse the different scenarios, create pipelines for your organization: We also provide a Azure Managed App which has all the dependencies pre-installed. You can get it here

Can I customize the models to work in my environment?

Our models generally work out-of-box without any tweaking. However, in some cases we may have to train the models to meet customer’s specific needs. This is provided as a Consulting Service through Azure Marketplace. Our team also provides Professional Services for model trainings to events integrations to anything in between.

How do you manage data security and privacy?

We take our customers data privacy very seriously. All our current models available in the community edition are based off of open-source and academic datasets. We have customer specific models trained on private data, and that data and model training apparatus resides on customer’s infrastructure.